Marriage ceremony Tradition in Cambodia

A wedding is one of the most significant happenings in a person’s lifestyle. It is a time of happiness and delight for family and friends. In Cambodia, wedding party tradition hot cambodian girl is quite elaborate. The whole ceremony lasts for three a short time.

Traditionally, the groom pays a dowry to the parents of his future wife. It is a sign within the man’s admiration and willingness to maintain her. He also covers all the expenses of the wedding events. The dowry is set up before the wedding which is usually huge. A few parents are reluctant to get married to their children unless they have received a high dowry from a prospective son-in-law. Some people possibly go closely into debt to fund their dowry.

Another feature of any Cambodian wedding party is that this involves honoring the couple’s ancestors. Before the marriage, they may become at the church of their forefathers and give food, tea, and other gifts to these people. They also minimize a few hair strands of frizzy hair from the star of the wedding and groom’s heads to symbolically clean their very own past and move to a new stage of existence as hubby and wife.

The second day of the Cambodian marriage wedding ceremony is when the newlyweds pay off tribute for their father and mother. They appreciate them for the purpose of raising them and attending to them until this point in their lives. The couple also gives them gold umbrellas to color them, which is a sign of reversing functions from their parents’ roles as protectors and providers towards the now-husband and better half.


Following paying respect for their parents, the newlyweds will be then given a gift of fruits and sweets by their friends. They also acquire a lot of money from guests in red envelopes. The reason is Cambodians assume that giving cash brings best of luck to the few.

It is a custom to get the newlyweds to wear crimson silk strings around their wrists https://pcw.gov.ph/ during this wedding service. It is a image of the couple’s love and protection from wicked spirits. The final commemoration of this time is the pka sla ceremony, where the couple kneels down in the centre of a group made by other married couples and passes three candles surrounding them seven occasions. The ceremony also contains the launching of white-colored birds just like doves or pigeons.

This is a good looking and elegant wedding ceremony. It is also a moment when the couple and their people and friends gather collectively for a scrumptious meal. The feast is generally very sophisticated and comprises of a lot of meals and drinks. The most popular drink is Angkor Wat draught beer, which is the national ale of Cambodia. It has a exclusive taste which is one of the most prominent beverages in Cambodia. Different popular refreshments include khmer beers and rice wines. It is also one common practice to serve lychee and rambutan fruits for this occasion. Both of these fruits are regarded to bring good fortune. These types of fruits are believed to protect the few from bad luck and bad luck in their relationship.

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